Ruth’s Pet Hotel 
  “While you cats are away, let your dogs play”

Located on five acres at the foot of Mount Currie just north of Whistler BC, Ruth’s Pet Hotel is a veritable playground for dogs of all ages and sizes. Our biggest asset is the land we are on. Almost 4 acres of fully fenced fun. To put that in perspective, if we have 20 dogs here, that equals  4356 sq. ft per dog! We have endeavored to create a diverse and balanced environment with just the right amount of structure to keep everyone safe. We have five separate fenced areas so like minded dogs can be grouped together. It’s like having their own private dog park. We believe dogs are at their happiest when they feel safe and have plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Combine that with lots of personal attention and you have Ruth’s Pet Hotel.  Much more than a home away from home, we are a destination dog resort providing a holiday for your dog while you have one too.

We are open from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM 365 days a year. All drop-off and pick-up times are by appointment only. We are very flexible with these times but do request that you adhere to the time you say you are arriving. We structure much of our day around arrivals and departures to make sure we are ready when you drop off or pick up your dog. Also, if you are scheduled to arrive in the morning, we will wait to include your dog in the morning walk and it can be frustrating if you don’t show. Plans change? No problem, simply call and let us know and we can adjust our schedule accordingly. If you must pick up or drop off outside of our open hours it must be prearranged and a $15.00 charge applies.

All guests are required to be up to date and provide proof of Rabies-Distemper-Bordetella. We recommend a multi-spectrum flea, worm, and tick program similar to Advantage-Multi. We accept intact pets on a very limited basis and at a substantial premium.

Please arrive at the Hotel with your dog on a leash. Simply provide the food that your dog eats and feeding instructions. We have freezer space for raw diets. Please no bowls. You are welcome to bring a bed, blanket, or toy for your dog . We are happy to administer any simple meds or supplements that your dog requires.

Morning starts with a run in the yard followed by breakfast time. After a rest period to allow for digestion we all head out to the big field to play. This typically consists of endless chase games, digging the odd hole, and encouraging the staff to join in. Dogs that aren’t up for this kind of rough-housing have their own separate areas to either play in a less rambunctious way or just watch the world go by if that suits them. By noon or so the urge to take a nap sets in. This is followed by a repeat of the morning. Before you know it the dinner bell has rung. This is a very happy time of the day. After a post dinner snooze it is time for one last round of silliness before it’s lights out for the night. If it sounds simple, it is. To gain your trust to look after your favorite friend we need to balance making you feel great about where you choose to leave your dog and making your dog feel great about being here. We lean toward the dog side of that scale, so although we don't offer flat screen tvs, leather couches, or monogrammed anything we do offer plenty of, exercise,  personal attention, and mental stimulation so your dog returns home more balanced, better socialized, and well exercised both mentally and physically.

Ruth started this business in 2003 out of her home with a few dogs per night. They used to sleep on couches in our living room. As business increased they graduated to crates and couches in our living room. We don’t live like regular people. Now they sleep in our crate condo in an ell connected to our living room which is actually a bit nicer than our living room(from a dog’s perspective)as it is fully air-conditioned, has a better ventilation system, and is outfitted with cameras, microphones, and state of the art smoke detection. Time in the crates is limited to eating and sleeping. That said in the summer when it is sizzling or the winter when it is freezing we  all come in between walks to either cool off or dry and warm up.